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December 11, 2011
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MLP - Mane 6 by ZOE-Productions MLP - Mane 6 by ZOE-Productions
Pretty much Tramp Stamp from the front. This is pretty much my final concept on their hair. ...except maybe Pinkie Pie.

LOVE Twilight's hair, even if I don't care for her in particular. For the most part I think we can agree she'd have some sort of staircase haircut :heart: I'm not sure where why everyone has given her very tan skin, but w/es I'll go with it since she's got the darkest colored coat of the mane 6.

I used to have Pinkie Pie in twin pigtails, and while that definately captures her personality, I don't think that's quite what her mane is telling us she'd have. A high pony tail would also be nice on her.

This is like the third attempt at Rainbow's hair. She definately needs a shorter hair cut then the others but every time I tried she either came out looking like a boy or a lesbian :P A shag hairstyle is both sporty and feminine.

Applejack is definately the easiest, since she's pretty much GOT a styled mane. The length keeps changing everytime I draw her though - when it's over her shoulder it's pretty much to the base of her "bra line", but when I brush it back it goes all the way to the top of her shorts O_o I gots a problem wit that :P

For the longest time I was putting Rarity in a low pony tail with just one free curl, but then I saw :iconzune-chan:'s version, I instantly fell in love with the high pony. Actually this is almost an exact replica of it. :P Still, aside from Flutterhsy, I think she's got the longest hair in the group.

She's definately got the longest hair. :P Since it occasionally drags on the group while she WALKS O_o nothing too over the top intricate, but miss hippie pony would probably grow it out as much as she could. Just a few butterfly clips, b/c anything more than that would just make her terribly uncomfortable ;)

Everypony mentioned above belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and not me :heart:
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This is so cute! I really really like it <3
wisheswinter Mar 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Talks like Rainbowdash: This is so.. AWESOME!!
IronGalaxyCraft-Digi Mar 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
could make this in a base
techno-beast Feb 25, 2014  New member
great work on the personalities
if it helps you understand fan artists give twilight  dark skin tone because 1 it plays into the Asian, black, Bollywood and nerdy stereotype and 2 the darker skin tone looks best with the palette of purples; one of the most popular pony fanartists, Yamino, also claims Twilight reminds her of a Sri Lankan she once knew),
mmm can I cosplay your verison of fluttershy please?
ZOE-Productions Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Do et O.o
They all have the same exact body and most of them have the same skin color.
I know, thats what I hate about these "humanized" ponies, people usually make them the exact same but with differnt expressions : / The ponies are way more diverse than that
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